Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Beadwork of the Seminole Native Americans

Edward Abbott Ravenscroft has an interest in Native American tribes, including the Seminoles, Apache Chickasaw, and Navajo. The Seminoles originated in Florida during the 1700s when members of the Creek tribe sought new lands due to conflicts with other tribes and Europeans. At one point in time, the people of the Seminole tribe were at war with the United States and referred to themselves as "Unconquered People" due to eluding capture for years. The Seminoles today are descendants of 300 Native Americans who evaded the US Army. There are currently more than 2,000 Seminoles spread throughout Florida.

The Seminole culture included basketry, art, and beadwork. Edward Abbott Ravenscroft has an associated interest in Native American jewelry. Beadwork was a part of daily life for Seminoles and was incorporated in daily routines. Beads were prized by Seminole women who wore approximately 12 pounds at a time. Beads were valued to the extent that groceries were the only commodity prioritized over them. Beads were also important in Seminole relationships. A Seminole man usually included a gift of beads when courting a woman.