Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Safety Tips for Hikers at Bryce National Park

Edward Abbott Ravenscroft, a shareholder with Abbott Laboratories in Chicago, Illinois, enjoys staying active through hiking. Edward Abbott Ravenscroft frequents a number of the country’s national parks, including Bryce National Park.

Bryce National Park provides hikers with a number of unique footpaths and trails. While trails are categorized as easy, moderate, or strenuous to help hikers prepare for their day, individuals should be aware that many of the park’s trails challenge hikers with a steep ascent out of the canyon. With this in mind, casual and experienced hikers can follow a few of Bryce National Park’s tips for safe hiking.

All hikers should equip themselves with durable hiking boots that provide ample traction and ankle support to help them contend with any steep climbs. As is the case on any hiking trip, individuals should pack an appropriate amount of water. Bryce National Park suggests each person carry one liter of water for every two or three hours of hiking.

Most importantly, hikers must appreciate the fact that Bryce National Park trails can reach elevations of 9,000 feet and higher. Even those in exceptionally good shape can experience nausea and lightheadedness as a consequence of over exertion. For a full list of hiking tips and information on specific Bryce National Park trails, visit